6 Adorable Alternatives to the Traditional Flower Girl

Traditionally, the flower girl is a young girl, somewhere between ages 3 and 10, who is close to the bride. She walks down the aisle with the ring bearer just before the maid of honor or sometimes before the bride, tossing flower petals and looking adorable. But this role can be filled in so many different ways. If you’re looking for an alternative to the traditional flower girl, we have 6 super sweet options that will have your guests oohing, aahing, and maybe even laughing.

flower girl
Flower girls can make a wedding that much more lovely.

1. Multiple Flower Girls

Sometimes the bride has multiple adorable cousins, or maybe she has several goddaughters or even granddaughters, so why not give all these special girls a role in the big day? When you add multiple flower girls, you can be a bit more creative with their ages and the flower girls dresses. Instead of having them each dressed just like you in white, maybe pick dresses that coordinate with the wedding colors. Plus, if you have one or two older flower girls, you can include a younger flower girl, as long as she can walk down the aisle and her parents are okay with it. We recommend sending an email to all of the girls’ parents well before the wedding to ensure that they are okay with the situation, and including all of the girls in as many of the (appropriate) bridal party activities as possible to make them more comfortable.

Bride and four flower girls
If you’re close to several adorable little girls, why not have multiple flower girls?

2. Flower Girl Grannies

Some brides actually have the opposite problem: sometimes a bride may not have any young ones that they’re close to. Solution? Flower girl grannies. Have your grandmother (or grandmothers) be your flower girl! Added perks include not having to deal with parents and some major automatic “awww” factor. Your guests will absolutely love that you included your grandmother in such a special way. The only downside is that you can’t communicate via email with most grandmas, so prepare for lots of phone calls when it comes to coordination.

Wedding celebration
These grandma flower girls are rocking grandmother flower girl dresses that flatter.

3. Puppy Flower Girl

If the cutie you’re closest to is actually your puppy, then why not have your pet be your flower girl? Brides have done it, and as long as your dog is well-trained, we promise it will make your wedding absolutely unforgettable. When people see a pretty pooch coming down the aisle, maybe carrying a cute sign or basket of petals, they’re sure to giggle and gasp. Just imagine all the adorable white bridal accessories you could add. From a puppy veil to a puppy dress covered in flowers, the possibilities are endless. Just make sure your flowers aren’t poisonous, and that none of your bridesmaids or groomsmen are allergic.

Flower puppy
This puppy is sure to make your wedding extra special.

4. Baby Flower Girl In a Wagon

If you have an adorable baby in your family, then the search for the perfect flower girl is over. A baby flower girl is definitely the cutest option, as long as they have a relatively relaxed personality. If they’re especially fussy or can’t be separated from their parents, then you may want to choose one of our other alternative flower girl options. But if they can handle it, there’s just nothing cuter than a baby in a wagon. You can have one of your bridesmaids or another flower girl pull the wagon down the aisle, and if you want to add some extra cute-factor, you could hang a wedding sign on the back of the wagon announcing that the bride is on her way. Plus there are countless baby flower girl dresses and accessories out there.

Flower girl in cart
Add a cute sign to the wagon for an extra special touch to your wedding

5. No Flower Girl

Who says you have to have a flower girl at all? Sure, they can add some cuteness to your wedding, but if you’re looking to host a more adult affair, there’s no reason you have to follow any version of this tradition. Simply skip the flower girl and only include your bridal party. This can actually make planning your wedding that much easier. No shopping to find the perfect dresses for flower girl cuteness or trying to make sure the bridesmaid dresses don’t clash with the flower girl dress. It’s easy to get wrapped up in all the little things when you start wedding planning, but remember, this day is about you and your soon-to-be spouse. Traditions are nice, but do what makes you happy.

Wedding women
An adults-only wedding can be lots of fun, and you don’t have to worry about kids throwing a wrench in your careful plans.

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